The Male Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Mark had never met a narcissist, let alone fallen in love with one, which is why he reached out to the r/narcissism subreddit seeking support. The 29-year-old, now the owner of a car dealership in Michigan, was distraught over a long-term relationship with Lena, a woman five years his junior. A friend suggested she might have narcissistic personality disorder, the hallmarks of which being grandiosity, lack of empathy and a need for constant admiration (something her behavior seemed to confirm).

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The Adventures of Dan and Tina

Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse


The Adventures of Dan and Tina explores enduring and recovering from narcissistic abuse in a true first-person narrative. Told from the male point of view.


Includes informative articles on narcissism, trauma bonding, psychology, science and strategies to aid receovery from narcissistic abuse.


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To Male Victims of Female Narcissistic Partners

First, let me apologize on behalf of all female victims, website bloggers, and authors of books on narcissism for perhaps the biggest “slap-in-the-face” we send to the male victim of narcissist abuse: the constant referral to the narcissistic partner as he and him. Although I do make a disclaimer as to this reference in my books and have, in fact, written a book (When Evil Is a Pretty Face) that specifically addresses the female narcissistic partner, it still must be painfully annoying and I’m sorry for that.


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